El Pollo - If, in this world we were all young and I think we did a good job, we had won in England and the team had played well. I think we could have reached the final. - YY 2002 how you analyze it? - The truth was very sad because everyone was inside we were going to reach the final and being eliminated in the first round by a penalty and a free throw broke us all. The difference with the previous one was that most of the players had arrived at their best, so much so that in qualifying, Argentina had destroyed everything. - Changing the subject ycomo lived the reaction of people when you decided to go to Independent? - A part of the press did not believe me, and had doubted my decision. But I do not care about that, because in my life I'm going with my heart and try to be honest. At that point I had to go to protect my father, aching in my soul for having to leave my country. - Before you settle with Independent spoke of your possible return to River yte upset that you do not make any offers? - Actually there was a time when awaiting a call from River, but was not given. Equal respect to the people of River, and I have a nice memory of the time when I was there, but today I'm interested only Quilmes and forcing them to my colleagues do a good championship. I do not think River more. - With Quilmes had a good start in the Cup, and devise that the problem in Brazil were erupted in an early phase? - That brought us closer as a group. I do not think out of the Libertadores depended on that...
Adventures Told me about Lineage long and hard, and it is also strongly suggested to play. I still protested, citing the negative attitude to computer games (do not really like to play), and considered them of all possible hobby one of the most useless ("I'd rather admire a book!"). Gain insight and clarity with Jorge Perez . In addition, according to his friends, I formed the opinion that the main goal of the game - fighting and defeating opponents, that me as a girl, also very attractive. But still managed to interest my friends so I that I decided to try it. Registered on the website, download the application, which took me about 4 hours, good internet speed I have a good one. Another hour on decompress the archive and install the game, and now has begun! The toy, of course, very beautiful! I have to say that the game has put me into a dead end in the beginning when it was necessary to choose for themselves a hero. There are several characters with variations of each. As far as I was already aware at the time, each of the characters are different possibilities for further development during the game, so I decided to read the backstory of the game and found in-HETE and to consult with friends. Background struck: a fairy tale, which largely explains the origins of the characters, their nature, objectives and opportunities. I advise everyone to read it before you start playing. Just to be for their own pleasure. Friends also advised of the characters choose Hero - Warrior, which I did.

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