Camping Trips Only a few weeks in the camping and until now you and its children are free more of influenza. What can make you like father or mother at issue to increase the possibilities that his son remains of that way? It follows these simple advice to assure the health and the happiness his children this summer: It animates to his son and to his advisors to work in maintaining an environment clean. Asegrese of empacar in the luggage of its son some disinfectant for the hands, and soon llvele a little more in the day of visit. And at the most better one washes to the hands and the face his boy, better prote'ge' will be against the pig influenza, not to mention resfriados regular and the other bacterial infections. Asegrese which his son knows the norm of " Happy Cumpleaos" must sing happy birthday while it washes the hands, and when the song finishes, the sufficient time has been washed. The campers, the personnel and the parents in the day visits do not have to share foods, drinks, maquillaje, u other personal articles that can scatter the germs. It reviews the policies of the camping on the pig influenza. Due to the increase of the recent buds, the campings to spend the night must be making regular controls against disagreeable virus H1N1. It is well calling to the director of the camping of his son to make sure that this is being carried out. In the same way, if a reported incident has taken place, it can ask if that and other exhibited children were put in group of forty until the diagnoses were determined. It uses some precautions for the day of visit: it reviews his own health before entering the camping. If he has fever or resfriado...
23 Of April World-wide Day Of Libro And Right De Autor That day of year 1616 Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso of the Fertile valley passed away. The date also indicates the birth, or the death of eminent writers like Maurice Druon, K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla or Manuel Meja Vallejo. This is the reason for which, this so symbolic date for universal Literature has been the chosen one by UNESCO with the purpose of to pay a world-wide tribute to the book and its authors, and to foment, in particular between youngest, the pleasure of the reading and respect a the irreplaceable contribution of the creators to the social and cultural progress. The idea of this celebration is originated in Catalonia where it agrees with the day of Sant Jordi and it is tradition to offer a rose with the purchase of a book. In all Spain the Day of Libro is celebrated the 23 of April from 1926 and it has internationalized it to UNESCO in 1996. When celebrating this day anywhere in the world, UNESCO strives in promoting the reading, the publishing industry and the protection of the intellectual property to traverse of the author rights. The new technologies far from to end books, are added to the promotion of the reading with new products like electronic books or the possibility of using Nintendo DS portable reading cone. This year will remember with emotion to two great writers who have left to us recently, Miguel Delibes and J.D. Salinger, whose books are between the best sales due to the amount of readers who as a tribute have been interested in their works. From we wished a happy day you of the book here and whatever your favorite sort, happy reading! Original author and source of the article.

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