Companies Maybe you're already convinced that you could use a support for your management as an entrepreneur. A relief will be to have an opinion contrasted and not conditioned before taking certain decisions. In addition, knowing that there is someone that is pending that adhere to what they've proposed you always do increases productivity. But the fundamental issue is that profile should be your professional coach? and how can I find it? Coaching for companies is relatively new in Spain and the truth is that it has become more a fashionable magazines of management than a practical reality in enterprises in the street. It is not to get in the hands of a consultant from one of the large consulting firms, but of creating a lasting relationship with someone who complements your own profile. A good business coach must meet the following criteria: 1. have experience. We are not seeking a revolution just out of the faculty. You are going to tell this person problems complex business. You have to be able to understand them and say with discretion. 2 Having knowledge that you don't have. Looking for someone who can bring points of view different from yours. If you understand technology looking for someone that if you understand it. If you don't like reviewing accounting, it is looking for someone with financial experience. You want to create synergies where the sum is greater than the whole of the two. 3 Have a computer at his side. If your coach has access to professional staff in your own team, you are expanding the value of the relationship. It's like getting a whole range of professionals for the price of one single. 4. Having sufficient availability. Rules of time and methods of contact are important. Will your coach be with you by...
Art Furniture Urban street furniture - is one element of small architectural forms used along with landscaping for the improvement of urban environment. By "small architectural forms" to understand structures, devices or Art and decorative elements external improvements to complement the main building of settlements. All of us, walking through his beloved city (and I hope that the city in which you live, you love), faced with street furniture: benches, benches, sofas city (one type of bench, a back). Think about it, as it is, the outdoor furniture you like? Most often it is just steel construction, supplemented wooden elements. But let's think about what requirements must be brought to street furniture to make it to us with you like, served long feast for the eyes and over the years did not lose its shape? This matter, even many producers are not interested, it is such an impression when you look at the city's street furniture in many Russian cities. So let's look at the criteria in order: 1. Efficiency. Unfortunately, this basic requirement to be followed by mayor at the tender for land improvement. But cheap does not mean quality and, most importantly, beautiful and durable, in this city furniture should match still a number of requirements. 2. Aesthetics of street furniture. Let me explain. The furniture should take into account architectural, composition, artistic patterns of the space of the urban environment. Agree, as much as possible in Peterhof ordinary steel supply shop, where a dime a dozen Russian cities.

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