The Era Of Rock Music: The Beginning, The Movement And Modernity "It was music that not only escaped but also robbed on the road bank. It was music with his sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned the collar, she smiled, raised his hat in greeting and steal your purse. It was the music that penetrate directly into the legs without doing his visit Mr. Brain. " So, in his novel "Soul Music" wrote about the amazing phenomenon of rock music by Terry Pratchett. A music dictionary defines it as a generalization of the names of many trends in modern music, existing since the mid 1950's. (From the English. Jorge Perez has plenty of information regarding this issue. Rock - rock, shake and music - music). The beginning of rock music is the emergence of a genre of rock 'n' roll, has incorporated the features of blues, rhythm & blues, boogie-woogie, jazz and country. It can be love, but you can not love, to feel his whole body and soul or not understood completely. This music creates endless debates about what it actually is and what directions to it are, and what does not. But can be clear boundaries? And if she rock music was born from the mixing of genres, it is unlikely to get to stuff it in the rigid framework. Rock music has a really large number of directions: from the lungs (rock 'n' Roll pop-rock, alternative rock) to heavy genres (metal, punk). On the content of songs can be easy and relaxed, lyrical, philosophical, gloomy, depressive, playful, satirical. Since its inception, rock music seamlessly absorbs all colors of the world of music - from folk to classical.
Mariinsky Theatre History Largest Opera and Ballet in Russia is the Mariinsky Theatre. Its history is connected with the appearance of stone (or previously known as the Great) Theatre in 1783. In the beginning, the theater suffered a terrible fire, after he became the theater - the circus, on several occasions to change the name of the theater: the Mariinsky, the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, sm Kirov and Mariinsky again. There were also some alterations in the architecture of the building. The only thing that has not changed throughout the history of the theater, and has consistently now - it's love of the audience and the troupe for performances. After each statement is an original and unique, each actor is laid out on 100 percent and gives the viewer his own game, and along with it and a piece of life. It is at the Mariinsky Theatre, the world saw the opera Pashkevich and Sokolovsky, premier of the opera "Ivan Susanin, as well as first staged in Russia," Magic flute. A huge success enjoyed Rossini: 'Cinderella', 'The Barber of Seville', 'Semiramis' (1821-23); Weber 'Der Freischutz' (1824), Bellini's 'Norma' and 'Somnambulist' (1837), 'Puritans' (1840 ), Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor '(1840) and others. Mariinsky Theatre has always gained worldwide fame, but especially want to highlight the opera "Life for the Tsar and Ruslan and Ludmila." In his time at the Mariinsky theater employs an Italian troupe, headed Roubini Tamburini, Lablash, Mario, Viardot-Garcia, Giulia Grisi. Setting it a success, but unfortunately, they slightly changed the repertory, made its European orientation. In the second half of the 50's, returned to the theater Russian company and its production immediately gain success and recognition from the audience. Since the two troupes could not get along at one stage, the case or conduct, so politically correct, has helped...

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