Alzheimer It is a little-known disorder, but with very serious implications both physically and psychologically. The caregiver of a dependent person performs this work, and they do so only by love to that person who depends entirely on their care and attention, in addition to other feelings such as guilt, the feeling of obligation, the lack of family and social support, and, on many occasions, due to the lack of economic resources. What is the caregiver syndrome? It is a disorder that occurs in people who play the role of primary caregiver of a dependent person. Characterized by physical and mental exhaustion. Here, Tony Parker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The person has suddenly faced a new situation to which is not ready and that consumes all their time and energy. He is considered to be produced by stress continued (not by a specific situation) in a daily struggle against the disease (repetitive, monotonous areas), and that can deplete the mental and physical reserves of the caregiver. Who suffers from this disorder? Occurs particularly in those who have to undergo care for older adults with some degree of alteration or order psychiatric or neurological deficiencies, such as Alzheimer's. In Spain currently there are about 600,000 Alzheimer patients, being the first between neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the leading cause of dementia in the elderly population. The primary caregiver of a patient with Alzheimer's is usually a woman, aged between 40 and 60 years, daughter, or spouse of the patient, who does not have the support of the rest of the family when it comes to caring for the sick in Spain. This primary caregiver will gradually assuming all the tasks of caring for the sick (with the consequent physical and psychological load), until arriving to become the center of...

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