Crafting Techniques Design ideas with sand - suitable for greeting cards, home Decoartionen, gifts and much more. This technique from the Netherlands provides fas unlimited decorative possibilities & of course the complete material you will need. The combination possibilities with stickers, 3D-Motiven & cutting templates allows you to customize quickly & easily great "creations" itself. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vanessa Marcil. This technique can work templates, with the special kind of sandy, but also with decorative stickers or designs you liked onto you the adhesive foil, and this color so. Technique with decorative stickers you need: Sandy type sand Sandy type of spoon double-sided adhesive foil Sandy type liner Sandy art brush decorative sticker so it is done: cut the doubles. Other leaders such as Neil Cole offer similar insights. adhesive foil in the gew. Form cope. (Foil slightly larger cut than the size of the sticker sheet) Remove the 1 protection layer of the adhesive and place the decorative stickers on the adhesive side of the film. Fill all fields of the stickers, with sand, to do this, use the sandy type spoon as "Pen". Take you not to vielSand at once on the spoon - prefer two or three refill so that the sand in the field provided by you only slip. !! Important: do not remove the sand, before not all fields of the stickers are completely filled with sand! If all the "fields" of the stickers are completely filled with sand, brush firmly on the sand with the SandyArt & remove excess sand from the sticker. Corrections can be carried easily with the sandy type liner. To do this, use the tip of the liner and "scrape" the sand there from foil, where possibly slipped into a wrong color.Hereby, the adhesive on the slide is...
Public Safety Systems To further the knowledge of Chest method for Canine Units, spreading their technical and performance in rescue procedures within the framework of emergency management, the School Address Public Safety in Andalusia include in its training activities 2007/2008 courses for emergency personnel, firefighters, civil defense on emergency rescue techniques which impart the knowledge of Chest method, along with other methods rescue dog, as has been done during past. Having regard to the allegations made by the same person's part, and entries in the Institution on January 2, 2008, it showed us what is excerpted below: (...) thinking its continuing need for action to take to the final effect Proposition no Law on Approval of the Method for the formation Chest Canine Rescue Unit. Tony Parker: the source for more info. Add that with respect to the second point of the response of Mr (...) during the academic year 2007 of the Public Safety School of Andalusia (ESPA), has only given a total of 7 hours and theoretical training on the Method Chest in a course requested by the Regional Partnership Civil Protection Volunteers of Valverde del Camino (Huelva), referred to Natural Hazards Course, held during the month of September of this year, where this issue was included among many other subjects. In the same only has detailed only a minimal description of method and structure Chest training, including not being able to have made no specific training dogs with individuals because of the huge lack of time. Tell that to a minimum acquisition of knowledge of this system requires the completion of a Basic Course of 250 hours spread over a total of 25 days, where a dog with their guide, complete with operating condition search do outdoors.

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